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Great opportunity for dancers & dance lovers from CHANNEL F2. We are launching India's biggest dance reality show "DREAM OF DANCE SEASON 1". Any dancers from India can participate into this pan India event. This event is open for all age group participants. 

The audition of "DREAM OF DANCE SEASON 1" will be in three rounds. 

First Round - Online Audition Round

Second Round - Ground Audition Round

Third Round ( Final Round ) - Ground Audition Round

( Note that - Participants will have to register the official form along with the link of their audition video. Due to COVID situations we have decided to take the first audition round in online medium to avoid the crowd. All participants are requested to record their audition dance video from their home and upload it in their own YouTube channel or Vimeo channel. Video duration should be between 120 to 150 seconds. The video must be uploaded after 23rd June, 2022. Previous uploaded links will not be considered. Description and Thumbnail are given below. After uploading the video, share the following link to the above registration form so that our juries can make their judgement. Based on their judgement the participants will be selected for the Ground Audition Round. After selection in Final Round the participants will have the chance for the Mega Round. )

Dream of Dance - Thumbnail.jpg

Title :-

Dream of Dance Season 1 || Audition Round 1 || "Participant's Name" || "Place" 

Description :-

My name is "participant's name". I am from "participant's district, state". I am submitting my dance video for the audition of DREAM OF DANCE SEASON 1. The name of the song is "song name". 

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Copy Title & Description from above

Please read the Terms and Conditions properly before registration

The Official Registration Link

( Best wishes from CHANNEL F2 )

Invite Channel F2 at your dance school for Round 1 audition

( only for teachers and school owners )

Click here for the details of Prizes & Awards

First Selection List

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